My Story


I've always loved to fuse my creativity with the digital world. When I started building websites, teaching myself HTML and CSS, and learning more about HCI, I found a passion for product design. Currently, I partner with businesses and digital design studios across the country to design the UX & UI of responsive applications and software. I also design branding and identity systems. Past clients include Mindbodygreen,  J.P. Morgan, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Bloomberg, Weight Watchers and Citibank. To view additional case studies, please contact me directly.


How I Think



From brand & identity, to marketing touch-points, to experience design, I consider the user in every context and explore their needs through interviews, persona creation, data analysis, testing, and research.



I look for the intersection between business goals, brand values, and customer/user needs. I strive to articulate brand personality through beautiful creative and delightful experiences that turn first-time visitors into habitual users. 

strategic creative


Be three steps ahead. Think of the end-users. Plan to iterate towards perfection. Think through all visual choices, their symbolism, and their psychological associations. Measure twice, cut once. Be nice to others and make friends.

What I Do



Sometimes the idea strikes me like lighting, and other times it is built in collaboration with a larger team. In both cases I stay open minded, pushing myself and the team to deliver fresh and unique concepts.



Considering customer journey, customer lifecycle, and user segmentation, I design and direct digital marketing strategy and creative deliverables.


Weaving together a sequence of concepts or images to communicate meaning and brand value, I help a brand to entice their user or customer to act. 



After thorough study of the user and the brand, I design digital experiences. This includes concepting, wire-framing, testing, and prototyping. The user interaction and visual design should adhere to the brand's digital identity.



Next, I curate colors, patterns, typography, and imagery that tells the brand story. This includes logo design, style, art direction, photo editing, and illustration.


App & Responsive web

I work with developers to understand how they build, and I deliver different formats for design specifications depending on what is best for the assignment and the team. I am current on best practices for responsive web, iOS & Google Material design.

Awards & Achievements

2017 Webby Award, People's Voice, Lifestyle Category for mindbodygreen.com

2013 Exhibited at Lincoln Center Institute, New York, NY

2010 Finovate Best of Show for Bundle.com, New York, NY

2008 & 2009 Winner of Joan Shewman Memorial Scholarship, risd, Providence, RI